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Hanmix is not only a brand name, but a way for a better life. We continuous committed to the improvement of sustainability.

Connecting the future is the sustainable development dream of HANMIX. We use tyres to connect a world without divide; we use quality to connect the trust of enterprises and users; we use innovation to connect the present and the future; we use love to connect the home that everyone builds together.

Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability

As an environmentally forward-thinking company, we believe the decisions we make today have the potential to change the future for generations to come.

We are committed to protecting the environment through continuous improvement of our processes, products, and services.

  • ① Industrial Innovation

    Reducing the impact of our supply chain on the environment through oversight of, and collaboration with, our supply partners. Form or join the Alliance for Sustainable Development with them.

    We are committed to improving the social-economic and environmental performance of the natural rubber supply chain, coordinating the production of natural rubber, preventing land grabbing and deforestation, protecting biodiversity and water resources. Increasing the transparency and traceability of the supply chain.

  • ② Material Innovation

    The "Green Tire" characterized by safety, fuel saving and comfort is the development direction of tire products. In order to design and manufacture more green and environmentally friendly tires, new materials are continuously developed and applied.

  • ③ Technology Innovation

    We adhere to the policy of "low carbon, green, environmental and efficiency". we promote to establish the production system of Intelligent Manufacturing in factories, vigorously develop green manufacturing. Invest and adopt environmentally friendly materials, facilities, equipment and technology to reduce the damage to nature.

  • ④ Sustainable Use Innovation

    HANMIX supporting the environment by following the 4R Principle: Renewable, Recyclable, Reusable, Reduced.

    Environmental protection standards have been developed in HANMIX for purchasing equipment and packaging materials to achieve reuse or recycling and to minimize the use of disposable and non-degradable materials.

Social Sustainability
Social Sustainability
  • ① The Sustainability of Corporate Culture

    The enterprise shoulders the unshirkable responsibility in the sustainable development of the society. HANMIX strive to shaping a harmonious, healthy and sustainable co-existence culture within enterprises, enterprises and communities, enterprises and nature.

    Enterprise development not only has an impact on the natural ecological environment, but also on all aspects of society, economy and science and technology. It is not a problem that can be solved by one or several enterprises. It requires the joint efforts of all parties in society. Based on past experience, HANMIX will export a set of standards and initiatives to promote the sustainable development of society with our partners.

  • ② Material Innovation

    Our goal is to increase the focus on individual energy awareness and sustainable energy behaviour, which means more responsible use of energy and protection of our natural resources. As a whole, our individual actions play a critical role, and we believe that through joint efforts, positive changes may occur.

    In order to build a harmonious community with the local community, HANMIX has held projects related to corporate social responsibility in recent years, and regularly organized employees to participate in a number of activities. Such as public welfare projects with the theme of physical fitness, environmental protection, respect for the elder and cherish the children etc.

  • We care about the convenience of transportation!

    We care about the convenience of transportation!

  • We care about the prosperity of community building!

    We care about the prosperity of community building!

  • We care about the coexistence with nature!

    We care about the coexistence with nature!

  • We care about the future of our children!

    We care about the future of our children!